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Brussels: Bier Tempel

On my last visit to Brussels, I had some time of my hand, which meant I could go to Bier Mania to do my shopping. It is not far out of the way, but this week it was outside my scope.

There is, however, a good alternative in the touristy center, just a few blocks away from the Grand Place – Bier Tempel. I have been there before, a few years ago, and it is no mean substitute.

You’ll find hundreds of beers here, too, exclusively Belgians. Christmas seasonals, blonds, saisons, wits, dubbels, trippels, quadruppels and what have you. And the prices are on the whole very decent, a number of beers for under € 2 and Westvleteren 12 for € 6.95, which is far below the competition. No other real rarities that I could see, but most of you should be able to find something new here.

The stream of tourists passing by makes sure there is a market for gift packs of beer and glasses, of books, bottle openers, t-shirts, watches etc. A very broad range of glassware, too.

I did not have time to browse, as I was expected at dinner in an hour. So I just picked a few more bottles than I could reasonably drag with me. Conscious of the luggage limitations, I stick to small bottles this time.

Good service, there seem to be more people working there now than three years ago. Then the shop closed at ten to seven, as the lady working there had to catch her train home. That’s Belgium.

The address is Rue du Marché aux Herbes 56b. No web site. 

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