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Some words on luggage

I’m off to Brussels next week; work mostly, but I’ll see if I can have a beer or two as well. The most problematic is the check in crew at the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) counter at Zavatem airport, they have a weird notion that my suitcase should weigh less than 32 kilos. We’ll see.

But I should not complain about SAS right now. We had our suitcases delayed travelling Oslo-London last month, so we went out to Marks & Spencer’s the next morning and bought underwear, shirts and stuff for the whole family.

The suitcases were at the hotel when we arrived in the evening, and it was actually quite convenient to have them delivered rather than lugging them through the train and Underground system on a Friday evening.

When we got home, I sent the receipts from M & S to the SAS Customer service department, together with a form from the luggage service at Gatwick. I was hoping they would at least give me a token refund.

I checked my bank statement recently, and they had refunded me a sizeable sum. About two thirds of the one way ticket price for the whole family, actually. One thing is for sure – Ryanair would never do that!

Since I have praised Milan as a beer destination recently, I have to add a more negative note. Let’s say you want to do your beer shopping in the morning, check out from your hotel and then deposit your luggage at the left luggage desk at the Central station, before you go out drinking, looking at cathedrals or whatever. Sounds sensible? There is one flaw in the plan. They refuse to handle items weighing more than 20 kilos. So you’ll have to drag your beers around town anyway.


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Reinhardt saves the day

Seems like this Australian, Reinhard Wurz,  has set a new world record, carrying twenty one-litre beer steins forty metres.

Sorry Reinhardt, but you forgot to bring the pork roast and sauerkraut, so you’ll have to make another round!

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From the Washington Post

Hoping to avoid the sniffers and spitters of the wine-tasting rooms, we have instead trekked to Napa seeking great American . . . beer. Oh, go ahead, make your jokes, roll your eyes. Napa for beer? What’s next, a trip to Wisconsin dairyland to find great hummus?

Well, surprise, surprise: Turns out if you want great beers, the towns plopped deep in California wine country offer some of the best craft brews being made in America today. In fact, the area has a craft-beer pedigree like no other.

This is true for parts of Italy, too, seems to me that wine making can give the right inspiration for craft brewing. The Panil brewery outside Parma has a wineyard as well, and it makes good sens to offer both if you sell your bottles directly to the public. And a market that is willing to pay premium prices for good wines will probably be willing to fork out some more for craft beer.

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