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A temptation

I get an e-mail from Lufthansa every other week or so, where they offer nice discounts for some of their destinations for a few days. A sort of updated version of the stand by tickets I used in my student days.

Today they offered London, Turin and Bordeaux as well as Sao Paulo. Their London prices would have to be very low for me to consider flying there via Frankfurt, and I don’t have time to go to South America.

But there was one more destination that intrigued me. Tirana.

I clicked on their schedule. I could buy a return ticket for around € 200, taxes etc. included. I could either take a lunchtime flight to Munich and spend seven hours drinking wheat beer in Freising before continuing to Albania, or take a six o’ clock flight with a more direct connection. Both options would mean me landing in Tirana at a quarter past eleven.

I could then spend Saturday seeking out the beers available in the old lighthouse of communism before returning on a noon flight via Munich again.

But my wife is away this week, I have two children who expect food, clothes and affection. And I will be travelling a fair bit over the next two weeks anyway.

So I open a bottle of the beers I was kindly given by David, the brewer at Møllebyen Mikrobryggeri. He has one Winter Ale and one Christmas Ale on now. And the Winter Ale is superb.

And I’ll play a Willie Nelson CD and maybe start reading the latest Ian Rankin book.

But it would have been something else, eh? Tirana…

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A London map

It may sound strange to some, but to find really good pubs in London, you have to do some research. There are guide books, the most useful on the market now is probably London Pub Walks by Bob Steel.

There are online options, too, among them is fancyapint?, which is quite good at describing pubs and where to find them, but rather vague on the beers they offer.

A new tool has just been set up by fellow beer blogger Stonch. His London beer map makes it easy to find the whereabouts of the most interesting beer places all over town.

The photo is from the Magpie and Crown, which is on the map.

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