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There have been brewers offering custom made beer labels for quite some time, I even believe that there is one here in Norway. A rather nice idea, the only problem is that the contents in the bottles is usually a pale lager somewhere on the scale between crap and boring.

There is an alternative for those of you who live in the UK: You can now design your own labels for Brew Dog beers. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or other special occations.

You can choose between the beers Hop Rocker, Paradox and The Physics, but if you e-mail them, I feel confident they will do the same with their IPAs as well! Further on they will offer whisky, mineral water and champagne, too.

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One of the smaller importers here in Norway tells me that there will be four new German beers available early next year. He does not go for bland lagers, but picks some of the more interesting brews available: There is the Weltenburger Winter-Traum and a Schwarzbock from St. Georgen Bräu. Two smoked beers from Bamberg as well; the world famous Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen and a more obscure Rauchbier Urbock from the same brewer.

Some really welcome additions to a beer market that slowly is getting better.

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