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I have an article over at A Good Beer Blog today on beer in Teutonic airports, which I thought you might enjoy.

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New Delirium Cafe in Gent

I have my reservations about the Delirium Café concept. Sure, I would love to have a bar in my town with 2007 beers available. In a perfect world I know I would rather have a pub with 300 hand picked beers that steered clear of boring lagers and weird ingredients.  But the world is not perfect, and I would surely be first in line if one opened in Oslo.

Well, the Delirium franchises seem to be multiplying. Tomorrow they open one in Gent, the locals probably know how to find their way to Klein Turkije. Seems like it is smack in the middle of the old town.

If you want an VIP invite for tomorrow night, e-mail me!

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