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4 of 5 were dogs

Being sent there via a post at maeib’s beer blog,I was following a discussion in the forum over at the beer pages, when I came across a post by Tom Cannevan.

He took part in a judging of Scottish beer for the Tesco awards in September. A panel of six blind tasted twelve Scottish beers not currently being on sale in Tesco shops. The three top beers were all from the same brewery – BrewDog. Their fourth beer ended up as number five!

I am not able to find anything about this on Tesco’s web site. Or on BrewDogs web site.

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That is 140 different beers. 140 different Christmas beers!

We are talking about Denmark here. 103 breweries, and every one of them brews a Christmas beer, some of them several. To be able to get through them, you’d better start now! I’m afraid only a few of them are exported to Norway. I wouldn’t mind a bottle of Ølfabrikken’s Sort Jul, though!

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There is more in the vault

For my new readers, I would like to remind you that there are lots of blog posts to read at my old blog, http://beerblog.motime.com. Not stellar writing, perhaps, but there are beer destinations in Europe that hardly have been covered elsewhere.

There does not seem to be any way to automatically move the archives from the motime platform over here, I’ll lok into that problem when I have some more time on my hands.

The photo? A dunkel outside the cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have written about that here.

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