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The final Italian beer place this time around, the Birrificio Lambrate is a brewpub with a fine range of beers.

Just four stops on the Metro from the bustling Central station, you step out into a more quiet world. People go about their business, sure, but it seems that the tempo is more laid back and the shoulders are lower. Their web site is very good, with directions on how to find your way, and there is also lots of information on which beers to expect.

It is a rustic place, with wooden benches and tables. The customers at lunchtime sit on stools by the bar, drinking a hefe weissen while they tuck into their pasta dishes. It is interesting to not that they do not have a standard pale lager, forcing the drinkers Io try out more sophisticated beers. Everyone except me seem to be regulars, judging by the way they are greeted as they enter.

I just have a bruscetta and try their bitter ale, which is quite aromatic when it warms up a little. Smooth, with a fine balance between malt and hops, while the hops dominate the finish.

I also try the Ghisa, which is a smoked porter. Roasted malt, some smokiness, fine long ashy aftertaste. Served a bit too cold.

I don’t have much time, luckily I have already tried several of their beers at the Isola della birra. But I’ll be more than happy to return to linger a bit longer if I have the opportunity!

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