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The dogs are loose!

Seems some of the BrewDog beers have arrived in Copenhagen! Lucky dogs Danes!

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On royalty and beer

The thought stuck me that a way of saving Belgium was for their royal family to get out and explain to the people that their beer heritage is in danger if the country is splitting up.

On the other hand, Scotland seems to be seceding from the United Kingdom, too, and a pint will probably not be enough to hold it together.

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This blog has really taken off since I moved it over to the new platform. It show the photos much better, the whole layout is a bit more slick without me having to do much about it. So thanks to those people at WordPress for hosting this service. They even threw in a spell checker, bless them! Somehow I feel these factors have contributed to a bit more inspired writing, too.

The traffic was huge yesterday thanks to Stonch plugging my posts about Italy. Stonch is the BrewDog of the beer bloggers, please try him out if you haven’t done so already. His blog combines informed and very entertaining writing. For those of his readers who like Italian beer porn, here is a picture from Parma today. No bald men, I’m afraid, but then I actually prefer long-legged ladies.

It is interesting to see how the beer blog universe is developing. Some are almost pure photo blogs, some are personal or group diaries, some focus on travel and some are very analytical and academic. Click your way through the blog roll here on my pages, there is a lot of fine stuff there. Are there any decent German or Austrian beer blogs that you know of?

Alan, I will look out for the traditional English pub games. The only problem is that I have serious problems comprehending the rules of old-fashioned English games and sports. But I’ll see what I can do and will bring glass beads Norwegian beers to buy information from the natives.

As for Nick Lowe, I have seen him live several times, with and without a band. The most memorable time was about five years ago, when he played in a park in Malmö, Sweden, about 400 km from Oslo. Nick had not played in Scandinavia for about a decade, so we decided to go. There were three of us going down there, having booked tickets for the show, hotel rooms, we even rented a car. So we started off early in the morning, (nor so early, come to think of it, one of us overslept!) and arrived in Malmö at around two in the afternoon. We had all the time in the world, we checked into the hotel, popped into a record shop and then we sat down for a pizza and a few beers in the June sun. At about six we decided to head for the park where the concert was held.

As we approached the arena, we heard a familiar voice in the distance, and, as we reached the gate, Nick Lowe finished what turned out to be the encore, bowed deeply and left the stage.

We learned a lesson about timing that day. Luckily, Willie Nelson was playing in the evening, and he had an incredible two-and-a-half hour show. But we had to wait three years to see Nick live again!

A word of warning: Stonch – I had planned to bring a bottle of the finest Christmas beer available in Norway for you in December. But any more snide remarks about Paul McCartney, I will give it so someone else!

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